Our VISION is a united community mobilized to make a difference in the life of another through a renewed mindset about mental health and addiction recovery.

Who We Are

This group came together to support a population that struggles and longs for a meaningful connection. Mental illness and addiction are lonely diseases. Those supporting anyone that struggles often feel that same loneliness. We firmly believe that we have been given a great light to take into the darkness to share. 

Mosaics of Mercy is a ministry that formed out of the desire to connect you to resources needed; to connect to God, to yourself, and to others during artistic expression*; and to understand the struggles being experienced in our community during education regarding mental health and addiction recovery. Each piece of our ministry mosaic can function separately based on your needs but they also connect together beautifully to help move toward mental wholeness.

*Beauty in Brokenness (c) is the experiential artistic piece of our ministry. You will follow a step by step journey of healing through the creation of a mosaic heart. You can visit our calendar to schedule a session where you will finish one • make one •take one.


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